Q: Can I receive credit for middle school classes at LMS?

A: Yes! The school board policy states:

It is the policy of the Litchfield School Board to award credit for high school level work in Computer Literacy, Algebra 1, Integrated Math 1, and Spanish 1, completed during middle school years so that students can take more advanced and/or more diverse courses during the high school years.  These credits may be substituted for required high school courses or used to satisfy graduation requirements.

Credit for high school level work completed during middle school years shall be awarded if the course demonstrates content requirements consistent with similar high school course(s) and the student achieves satisfactory standards of performance.

These credits may only be counted toward satisfying graduation requirements when a student completes a normal four-year course of study or a three-and-one-half year early completion of graduation requirements.

Procedural Clarifications:

  • The above courses taken at the middle school will appear on the student transcript. Such courses will appear on the transcript, designated as a “transfer course” with a grade of “P” for pass.
  • The course(s) will have no standing in CHS Grade Point Average calculation. A similar practice with transfer courses is followed when determining GPA for valedictorian and salutatorian, when the transfer student has been at Campbell less than two semesters.
  • Credits will be reflected on student report cards under the heading “previous credits.” This practice will start with 07-08 second semester report cards.
  • These courses will count toward graduation requirements*, both in total credits and course requirements, as long as the student “achieves satisfactory standards of performance.” This means that if an LMS student fails to get a recommendation from their LMS Spanish I or Math teacher for Spanish II, Geometry, or Integrated Math II at CHS, the student will repeat Spanish I, Algebra I, or Integrated Math I at CHS and not get credit for the Spanish I, Algebra I, or Integrated Math I course taken at LMS, even if the student passes the LMS course. Credit cannot be awarded twice for the same course. The LMS teacher will use their best judgment in making this recommendation, and certainly no student who earned below a C- would be recommended in any case.


*According to NH Department of Education regulations, the computer literacy course at LMS can no longer be considered for high school credit.  This change begins with the class of 2012. Thus, the LMS computer literacy course will count toward CHS elective credits, but not toward the CHS Computer Education/Technology requirement.

  • In addition, if an LMS student takes Spanish I, Algebra I, or Integrated Math I at LMS and gets credit, but then comes to CHS and fails Spanish II, Geometry, or Integrated Math II, the student can either retake Spanish II, Geometry, or Integrated Math II for credit or take Spanish I, Algebra I or Integrated Math I for audit.



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